Include Slide Ranch in your Estate Planning and leave a legacy gift that provides lasting moments and memories to hundreds of Bay Area children.

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Legacy Giving

For more than four decades, Slide Ranch has been connecting people of all ages to nature and inspiring environmental stewardship. Including Slide Ranch in your estate planning helps ensure that Slide Ranch will thrive for generations to come.

An estate gift is more than just a donation – it is an extraordinary statement of devotion and trust in the mission and values of Slide Ranch. By making this kind of gift, you create a legacy with meaning and vision that serves as a cornerstone of strength and stability for the future.

When you designate Slide Ranch as a beneficiary of your estate plan, you become a member of the Slide Ranch Legacy Society and join as a partner in our long-term vision.  While you may remain anonymous, when you step forward others are inspired to do the same.

Learn more about ways to make a legacy gift to Slide.