Slide Ranch Summer Camp - Ranch Rangers

August 17-21, 2015

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Thank you for sharing your children with Slide Ranch! 

We loved having them here and want to share some of the highlights and photos of all that we did together.  

Camp Journal

This week at Slide Ranch, campers explored and adventured in so many creative ways. 

Our Ranch Rangers listened to sounds of nature on a silent hike to the Dome, played “Stellar Jays and Chickadees,” a game about how birds interact with their habitat, and identified plants, tracks and scat along the trail.

They explored Bone Grove and the tide pools, dancing for joy after spotting whales!  They observed a Great Horned Owl that took flight over their heads, and felt the air rush from the beating of its wings. Campers took care of the goats, feeding and brushing them, honed their milking skills, and got to hold baby chicks.

Children dug fresh potatoes to make french fries, kneaded dough and made pretzels, rhubarb-berry crisp, and pizza with herb- infused oil and fresh farm cheese (the miracle of curds and whey!).   

In the garden and on the trails, kids learned about bees, decomposers, plant families and native medicinal plants. One group even adopted a garden bed and made changes to it every day: weeding, prepping, lining the bed with rocks carried from the beach, and planting dill, amaranth and California poppies.  

We deeply value sharing these experiences with our community of children and hope that they have wonderful memories of their time here.

Thank you for being connected with Slide Ranch. We hope to see you and your family at one of our upcoming family programs and festivals for a day of family fun or even to volunteer.


The Slide Ranch Camp Team


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