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Slide Ranch Summer Camp
Ranch Rangers

July 6-10, 2015 

Thank you for sharing your children with Slide Ranch! We loved having them here and want to share some of the highlights and photos of all that we did together.  

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This week at Slide Ranch, campers discovered tiny worlds in the ecosystem where the land and ocean meet. The tide pools at Slide Ranch are like cities in the sand with so much life to explore!

Groups had fun digging for clay at the beach, looking at the adaptations of tide pool creatures, counting crabs and some campers had the rare low tide opportunity of actually touching Split Rock.

Handmade wooden pump drills were used to make shell necklaces. One group created fairies using popsicle sticks, wool and leaves for wings. The ranch was filled with the delicious smells of cooking projects including honey cookies, garden herb popcorn, and calendula mint sun tea. “Salt water” water colors were used to make sea creature mobiles and one group perfected the technique of wet felting wool from our sheep.

This week there was a special opportunity for all campers to gather materials to naturally dye wool necklaces. Fennel created a yellow color, and eucalyptus steeped to a nice light brown color.

Campers helped milk the goats: Athena, Verse, Amber and Dream. Chickens were well fed this week with greens from the garden and cracked corn.

What a wonderful week of ocean and ranch exploration!  We celebrate these rich, sensory adventures for children and hope that they have special memories of Slide Ranch and the things they learned here.

We  hope to see you at one of our upcoming family programs and festivals, to volunteer or just for a family picnic.


The Slide Ranch Camp Team

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