Slide Ranch Summer Camp - Slide Explorers & Junior Camp Counselors

July 13-17, 2015

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Thank you for sharing your children with Slide Ranch! 

We loved having them here and want to share some of the highlights and photos of all that we did together.  

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This week at Slide Ranch, campers explored and made discoveries high and low: from the garden to the pasture and tide pools, and from the Fennel Forest to the Lone Cypress.

One camp group created a nature weaving with strips of cypress bark, while other groups practiced their teamwork and stealthy tracking skills on the trails. Campers observed owls in the giant eucalyptus trees overlooking the pasture and had fun milking the goats: Athena, Verse, Amber and Dream.

In the garden, campers learned about seeds, amended beds and sifted worm compost, and goats and chickens were well fed with garden scraps. Children tended the wheat and corn growing in the garden, and baked pretzels, zucchini bread, rhubarb crisp and made popcorn!

Assisting with each group, teen Junior Camp Counselors (JCCs) developed their leadership skills. They reported that working with kids requires a "lot of energy" and were impressed that the Teachers never seemed tired! Another thing the JCCs noticed was how much kids love to be asked questions: "I think kids like to be asked their opinions on things because, as a kid, you mainly get asked how old you are and what your name is."  They all agreed that Slide Ranch is a really special place where kids get to ask and answer many questions. We celebrate these inquiries and rich, sensory adventures for children, and we hope that all of the campers have special memories of Slide Ranch and the things they experienced here.     

We  hope to see you at one of our upcoming family programs and festivals, to volunteer or just for a family picnic.


The Slide Ranch Camp Team

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