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Slide Ranch Summer Camp
Ranch Rangers

June 29 - July 3, 2015 

Thank you for sharing your children with Slide Ranch! We loved having them here and want to share some of the highlights and photos of all that we did together.  

During this beautiful week at Slide Ranch we took advantage of the low tides for an Ocean Exploration themed camp!


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Kids hiked down to the shore to explore the wonders of the tide pools and marine ecosystem and had so much fun at the beach.  They sculpted with sand, rocks, and beach-harvested clay and painted ocean  watercolors. 

Campers also weeded the garden to feed scrumptious plants to the goats and chickens, and made garden pizza with fresh herbs and vegetables and homemade cheese.  Others learned about the mint family and made garden sun tea, rosemary crackers, lemon cookies, and herbed popcorn.

What a delicious and fun-filled week!  We celebrate these rich, sensory adventures for our children and hope that they have special memories of Slide Ranch and the things they learned here.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming family programs and festivals, to volunteer or just for a family picnic.


The Slide Ranch Camp Team

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