Slide Ranch's Teacher-In-Residence Applications Have Opened for 2017

I think I’ve grown a lot in terms of being a student-centered teacher and an outdoor teacher at large… I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to live in community and explore what that means. I love getting to work so closely with my fellow TIRs. I’ve greatly enjoyed just being in this beautiful place and appreciating it, and getting to meet so many cool kids!

Are you a passionate educator who is interested in teaching about the environment? Slide Ranch has opened the application process for our 2017 Teachers-in-Residence program for 2017. Our residential teaching internship is a unique, immersive opportunity to expand your skills and experience while living on the wild Marin coast.


Our Teachers-In-Residence (TIRs) lead groups and develop curriculum for school, community and family groups visiting Slide Ranch, using our working farm and and the wild, coastal ecosystem surrounding it to guide hands-on learning illustrating concepts of ecology, stewardship and sustainability.

In addition to flexing their teaching skills, TiRs support Ranch staff by tending the organic garden, sheep, goats and poultry, and maintaining Ranch facilities. TIRs live in individual small residential buildings built by former teachers and ranch staff and share cooking duties along with other residential chores.

Working with the Ranch and Program staff has been a total joy. They really invested in me, so I’m motivated to teach to the best of my ability every day…I love this place and the people in it so very much.

The annual internship is 10 and a half months long, beginning in late January. There are also opportunities for 2 and a half month long summer internships that begin in late May.

Learn more and apply by September 7, 2016.