Volunteers at Slide Ranch Contribute and Grow

…not just vegetables.

Want to be a Slide Ranch volunteer like Dakota?  You can learn more about it. 

Want to be a Slide Ranch volunteer like Dakota? You can learn more about it. 

This month we're saying thank you and goodbye to one of our volunteers, Dakota Nims, a 17-year-old Woodacre resident who sought us out because he wanted to learn more about organic farming.

"I've developed a lot more skill and experience in the garden and with facility maintenance," Dakota tells us, after regaling us with his embarssing start. Perhaps his first day jitters made his hands slippery, so slippery that he accidentally tipped a wheelbarrow over on Kelly, our Garden Manager. In his mortification and Kelly's laughter, Dakota learned that the rules of Slide Ranch apply to volunteers and staff as well: get dirty, try something new, and have fun.

While we've been lucky to have Dakota help us out, he felt lucky himself. His time at Slide has transformed him from someone who was curious about agriculture to someone who feels committed about entering the field.

Dakota volunteered at Slide Ranch because of our educational mission. "For people who have never been involved in agriculture," he says, "this is a great starting point, because there is more room for error and growth” than there is on a farm structured strictly for production. He adds that Slide Ranch is a remarkably beautiful place and that the garden has a great aesthetic. "There is a lot for everybody."

If you're "someone who can follow instructions, is okay with physical labor and has respect for nature and life,” Dakota thinks you'd be a good volunteer.

Slide Ranch welcomes the participation of volunteers aged 14 and older, both for one time projects and on a regular basis for long time projects.

Learn more on our volunteer page. 

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