Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

Jeremy's Garden Tips - January 2016

We hope you all are enjoying the rain as much as we are. Our cover crops of bell beans, vetch and oats are getting nice and tall and you can practically hear the grass grow. While the winter months are a great time to hunker down by the fire, peruse the new seed catalogs and dream of next year’s bounty, there is still plenty to do out in the garden.

Winter is best time to plant new fruit trees and care for your existing ones. Those trees, bushes, vines and shrubs work hard during the summer months growing delicious fruit and they all appreciate a healthy dose of compost during the dormant season. Planting and caring for a fruit tree is a great way to connect to nature, and affirms the future for many generations to come.

Happy New Year and we hope to see you at Slide Ranch soon!


Garden Manager