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Enjoy Slide Ranch

As part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area lands, Slide Ranch’s outdoor grounds are open to the public for hiking, picnicking and fishing. A public parking lot is available down the hill from our main entrance, and there are trails and three public outhouse facilities with hand washing stations nearby. You are welcome to walk through the grounds during daylight hours to observe our bountiful gardens and the animals in pasture. To interact with animals and teaching gardens, or to arrange overnight camp out please register for a Slide Ranch program.

134 Acres

The rustic buildings at Slide Ranch were facilities for a century old historic dairy farm and are used today by Slide Ranch staff.  In addition to our historic buildings, Slide Ranch staff have built numerous small homes for residents and teaching interns and have renovated the Black Smith House for our administrative team and the Ocean House for a community kitchen.  Please note that buildings on Slide Ranch are not open to the public and please respect the privacy of our residents. Go to the site rental page for information on renting our yurt, dome and campsites for personal use and events.


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